Roslagsgjuteriet offers machine- and hand moulded castings in weights up to 500 kg. We specialise in short and medium series, often of core-rich castings. Manufacturing takes place in around 40 different iron qualities within Grey iron, Spheroidal graphite cast iron and White iron.

Our processes are based on rapid change-overs between different products and alloys. Verification of casts and products takes place via internal and external quality control and different certificates can verify that the right product quality is achieved.

Technology Centre

Our Technology Centre is a centre for foundry technology. Manufacturing high-tech cast components requires use of the best possible tools and advanced methods. It also requires a great deal of knowledge about casting technology and metallurgy. We have assembled all this technical know-how in our Technology Centre, where our customers’ designers and design engineers can utilise our bank of knowledge and high-tech Resources.

Successful collaboration starts early

Our ambition is to get involved at an early stage. If our engineers can participate as early as the idea stage when a new product is going to be developed, we can help to optimise the drawings and design documents for the production. In this way we can together arrive at the best, and most cost-effective, production solution for the Component.

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Advanced technology delivers the best mould

We use a number of sophisticated computer programs before our product takes shape in our foundry. We usually receive data in the form of a CAD file that we import to our CAD system, where a dynamic 3D model of the drawing is made. If you haven’t got a 3D-drawing of the product we can help you with this.


Knowledge that is appreciated by the industry

The results of our efforts are solidly in place in several of Sweden’s large industrial companies. We are currently entrusted with administering some 7,000 patternequipment from a broad spectrum of customers.

Further processing

All from one

All from one

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After casting we are able to offer machining, surface treatment, assembling, as well as packaging and delivery to the client.

Our concept includes offering to take care of all elements of the production process in the form of casting, machining, surface treatment and assembling, as well as packaging and delivery to the client. The end result is a finished product from one supplier, which can go directly into your flow.

Simple, secure and time-saving.

  • Processing from workshops with long experience of working with cast iron and assembly into finished Components
  • Surface treatments in the application systems and colours that are specified.
  • Galvanization in different forms.
  • Hardening