The Company

Business concept

Our business concept is to market and manufacture advanced iron goods for Swedish and foreign customers. Within the framework of a single organisation we supply knowledge, inventiveness, experience and technical equipment, which runs all the way from the idea stage via patternequipment and casting to delivering a completely finished article. Through rational, quality-oriented manufacturing, all in accordance with EN 9001:2015, we offer products in most grey, spheroidal and special qualities, with a high level of security of supply adapted to the customer’s requirements.

Unique knowledge and modern production technics

Roslagsgjuteriet has a long tradition of casting and our roots extend right back to the 1860s. Over the years the company has developed into a modern foundry where we combine unique craftsmanship with the latest production technics. Today we can offer highly flexible production of both machine- and hand-moulded iron castings. It enables us to process both short and long runs and we can rapidly change between different blanks in weights between 0.1 and 500 kg. 

All from one – a holistic concept

Our customers are increasingly demanding overall solutions where we take responsibility for the entire production process, from technical documentation to delivered cast product. We have consequently developed the concept of >All from one<.



Roslagsgjuteriet is certified according to
ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO14001: 2015.

Certification - Roslagsgjuteriet 2019




Storskogen, owner of Roslagsgjuteriet

Roslagsguteriet is included, together with Storebrogjuteriet in Storskogen's group of companies. The two foundries have a unique foundry knowledge, extensive experience and modern technical equipment. This means that we can help with all conceivable castings in Grey iron, Ductile iron and white iron in both short and long series. And in weights from 0.1 to 7000 kg!

Whether you order hand-or machine moulded components, you will appreciate our customized solutions, our efficient quality management and personal service.

More info about Storskogen can be found at Storskogen